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paattupetty studio

Established in 2002, Paattupetty is a high-end audio and video studio location in Chengannur, Kerala. 
Paattupetty recording studio is staffed by highly skilled sound engineering professionals and is outfitted with best in class recording and playback equipment.
paattupetty studio has seen thousands of musicians and artists who have been satisfied with our sound recording, mixing, and mastering services over the last few decades.

Music Sheets paattupetty chengannur


It is crucial for a composer to convey their musical pieces in staff notations on sheet music to session musicians. Our musically enable engineers will help you in converting your melodies into staff notations no time. Our professionals can give you with excellent transcriptions that will ensure perfect harmony and synchronicity when performing the piece thanks to their years of experience and trained ears.

Recording a video paattupetty chengannur


With our top-notch audio and video production capabilities, we can provide all of your audio and video needs under one roof.
Wether its shooting floor, Editing Labs and officials or audio and video post production. We've got it all covered.

Below given are some of our previous works....

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