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Compression for Dummies

A compressor is a signal processor that alters the loudness of a signal; as the name implies, it compresses the dynamic range of an audio signal. This indicates that it softens the loud signal and makes the soft signal a little louder, reducing the disparity between the loudest and softest portions of an audio stream.

Compression is unavoidable in a decent mix; not understanding how to utilize the compressor correctly might ruin your mix.

One of the most crucial mixing techniques you can learn is how to operate a compressor.

Parameters of a compressor.

The majority of compressors have five parameters in common: ratio, threshold, attack, release, and makeup gain. And this is extremely important that you know your way around a compressor very well.

  1. Threshold

  2. Ratio

  3. Attack

  4. Release

  5. Make-up Gain